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Career Counselling in Darbhanga

After 12th grade, students will be confused about what to do next. Since many career options are available, it is difficult for the students to opt for the best. Do you know that there are 250+ careers and 3000+ occupations available worldwide? But the irony is that students know only seven to eight main courses. They don't think beyond those. Even their parents, friends and relatives do not suggest anything other than these limited courses. To give a hand to such perplexed students, Career Counselling in Darbhanga provides professional expert career counselling.

Future Goal Achievers Career Guidance Process:

Highlights of Future Goal Achievers psychometric test

Future Goal Achievers psychometric tests for the career are user-friendly and give accurate results.

What makes our team stand out among others is,

The psychometric tests of Future Goal Achievers are available online, thus reducing the stress, anxiety and time pressure for the students and professionals in completing the test.

The tests are easily accessible and require only your email id and password to log in.

It takes only 20 minutes to complete the chosen assessment. Thus it saves your precious time, unlike other complex platforms.

The career report generated by the Best Career Counselling in Darbhanga after analysing your assessment will be accurate and on point. The result will include graphical representations for better understanding.

Future Goal Achievers psychometric tests are game-based and thus increase your interest and engagement while taking the test. It won't be stressful like your routine exams; it will be a fun activity.

Darbhanga takes pride in having the highest literacy rate of 69.82%. It is also the home of the seventh modern university in the Indian Sub-Continent. Most of the colleges are government-run institutes, and all are renowned for their best education services. The average salary of a working person in Patna is INR 24,000 per month. The primary industries in Darbhanga include leather, handicrafts, and agro-processing. It is also considered the major agricultural centre of trade.

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